Restaurant or Café Review Policy & Rating System

Review Policy

I am happy when restaurants and cafés contact me to review their place in exchange for an honest and fair opinion.

However, I cannot accept all invitations. While I will look into restaurant or café, I will not accept the invite or write the review if:

  • The distance I need to travel is too far – I am willing to travel in about a 100km radius from Alberton (as this is where I live).
  • The restaurant or café offered free goods or any special treatment during m dining, as this would compromise the objectivity of the review.
  • The restaurant or café wants me to lie about my experience. My policy is to write fair objective reviews, and I take my integrity seriously.

Reviews can originate in one of two ways:

  1. Restaurants or cafés invite me to visit their place and write a review about my experience there. These are marked as Invited dining experience.
  2. I visited the restaurant or café out of my own accord and wrote a review about my experience. These are marked as Anonymous dining experience.  
  • I promise to be honest; this can be a good and a bad thing.
  • My reviews will be unbiased, so I cannot promise to always write positive reviews. Please note if I did not enjoy my experience at the restaurant or café, but I feel a particular group of people might like to dine there, I would mention so in the reviews.
  • Receiving invites does not affect my honest opinion in any way. It will always be stated in my reviews whether or not I’ve received an invite to the restaurant or café.

If you are interested in inviting me to your restaurant or café for a review or need further information, please contact me. My email address is Or you can use my Ask Box below. I will always send a reply back even if it is a ‘no’.

Rating System

★★★★★ – I loved my experience at the restaurant or café! The food, service and ambience was excellent and caught my attention.

★★★★ – Enjoyable experience. Experienced some small issues. Probably added on my favourite restaurant or café list.

★★★ – Some parts were enjoyable and some were okay. I would still recommend it.

★★ – I was able to finish my food, so it’s okay. It might appeal to some.

★ – Most of the time I don’t like giving 1 star, but if I have to then I will (when I didn’t enjoy the experience at all).


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